Case study.

Context and Issue.

In 2013, after one century of thrill, effort and passion, the legendary Tour de France celebrated its 100th edition.

The Idea.

On this unique anniversary, Google and Tour de France teamed up to build Your Tour, an exclusive digital experience combining Google tools.

Your Tour experience allows users to relive the major stages of the Tour de France 2013 Edition through contents taken from Google Street View, Google Maps, YouTube first person POV and Google+.

How it works ?

Scroll along the major stages of the 100th Tour de France as the Alpes d'Huez, the Champs-Elysées, the Mont-Saint-Michel or the Bastille Day, and explore the roads of the Tour through contents taken from Google tools.

This novel and immersive experience uses state-of-the-art technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to convey the thrill and stress of the competition a genuine runner feels while racing.

And to enjoy the experience to the fullest, users will also be offered to discover 3 additional “legendary” stages detailing the history of the race.

Those legendary stages will have a very distinctive black-and-white graphic style emphasizing the link between history and technology and giving a new depth to Google tools with exclusive contents.


  • Over 10M
    miles were traveled.
  • 136
    different country participating.
  • 6 Min.
    average time spent
  • +400
    articles throughout the world.